Sea Kayaking Treks

kayaker at sunrise

Spend an incredible summer participating in one of the most enjoyable high adventure sports available. Packing a sea kayak with all the food and gear you need for an entire week and traveling up the North Carolina coast line. These treks will be more rewarding than any other program you have ever experienced.

During the course of your week you’ll have the opportunity to see the wild horses on Shackleford Island, Cape Lookout and Ocracoke lighthouse, and abundance of sea life, deep sea fishing, sound fishing, clamming, surf fishing, Cape Lookout Studies Program, ocean kayaking, Cedar Island National Wildlife refuge, and much more!!!!


Sea Kayaking Trek Planner : The sea kayaking trek planner is each groups guide to success on their trek. The guide will contain equipment list, routes and general information for each participant to review.

Routes : Routes will vary in difficulty and distance covered. Each group will choose their own route

Equipment: The Sea Base provides all necessary equipment for this program with the exception of personal gear, i.e.: sleeping bag, clothing, mess kit, etc.  

Experience: No experience is necessary for the kayaking trip. We will spend Sunday afternoon introducing your group to kayaking skills and safety. When your trip starts on Monday morning our staff will continue with follow-up and continued individual coaching to make your experience more comfortable. Anyone can kayak!  

Locations: Treks take place along the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Actual paddling is in the protected waters of Back, Core and Pamlico Sound. Camping is on the ocean side of the islands except at the lighthouse. The average water depth of the sounds is only 1-3 feet. Participants are rarely in deep water except when crossing a channel or inlet.

For the Parents: Sea kayaking is a very safe activity to participate in. We take all the required precautions outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting along with the National Camping Standards for High Adventure Bases. We also add our good judgment and years of experience to keep the participants safe at all times. While we are somewhat isolated during the kayaking trek we do have protocols in place to call on emergency services that can respond in a rapid fashion.


Kayaking Trek Guide Book

Safety Concerns 

Height and Weight Chart 

Kayaking Trek Activities