Safety Precautions

Safety Concerns

Open water sea kayaking can be very challenging and physically demanding activity. Do not make the mistake of comparing these treks to backpacking or canoeing. The steady rhythm of using your upper body strength, coastal winds, currents, heat and weather can create unpredictable situations.

At the Sea Base your safety has our undivided attention and consideration. Our staff is trained specifically for these events and situations and how to act accordingly. Their presence on your trek will provide your crew with a dependable reference to turn to for advice and sound judgment if adverse situations were to arise. Please do not accept this as a laid-back weekend campout.

To help make your crews participation in the trek more comfortable and more enjoyable we will provide your point of contact with all the information possible to help your crew become as prepared as possible for a week of kayaking along the barrier islands of North Carolina. Through experience we have noticed that crews who understand and prepare for the conditions along the Outer Banks have a more enjoyable trip.

Recommended Literature to read before arrival at camp:

Passport To High Adventure #4310
The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook by
Shelley Johnson
Lookout National Seashore