Since 1997 the Pamlico Sea Base has been leading older scouts on multi-day expeditions along the outer banks. Now we are inviting schools to visit our facilities for unique educational field trip opportunities. Located in the Herbert C. Bonner Scout Reservation on the Pamlico River , our camp provides countless resources that can be beneficial to any educator. Age appropriate programs are available to all grade levels with activities designed to complement the standard course of study. Outdoor Day Activities and the NC Standard Course of Study (using the 6th Grade curriculum)

The Outdoor Day program is designed specifically with the elementary class in mind while our Middle/High School programs meet the needs of a young adult population.

All school programs are built on five basic concepts:

    Experiential Learning

    Personal Growth

    Critical Thinking

    Cooperative Learning

    Increasing students prior knowledge

The East Carolina Council, Boy Scouts of America, has more than 75 years of experience in providing fun and safe camping programs to Scouts and we look forward to this opportunity to partner with your school.

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