More Information on the  23rd World Scout Jamboree

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Events - All event flyers for all District and Council events will be in this section.  The flyers will be seperated by month.  You will be able to download the pdf flyer, register online for certain events, and visit a more detailed web page for limited events.

 Districts - The East Carolina Council is broken-up into 9 districts, find yours here.  Each district has a page with key leadership contact information, key meeting locations, and times including roundtable. This area als includes Exploring and Venturing.

 Camping - Here you will find the pages for Camp Boddie (including summer camp, wintercamp, weekend merit badge camps, Cub Scout resident camp), Pamlico Sea Base, Cub Scout family camps, Cub Scout day camp, and facility rental.

 Training - Every Scout deserves a trained leader.  Go here to learn what classes are necessary, and where to get trained.  Visit "Events" to see when the next class is in your area.  You can also conduct most of your training online at to include "This is Scouting" and "Youth Protection."

 Support Us - Help the East Carolina Council deliver the Scouting program.  Get information on Friends of Scouting, Special Events (including 3 golf tournaments and the Wild Game Feast), popcorn sale, and endowment giving.

 Youth - Information about Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing to include advancement, uniforms, handbooks and more.

 Parents - As the parent of a Scout learn what your child will be learning, how we keep your child safe, and how you can help.

 Alumni - Allows people formerly involved with Scouting to reconnect, re-engage, and support Scouting.


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Tartan Guard

Tartan Guard Units recieve free cloth rank advancements and waived campsite rental fees at ECC properties for a year, excluding the Council Camporee.  Applications must be submitted by 1/31/2014 for consideration for 2013. Watch the e-newsletter- the Tarheel Scouter for quarterly updates to units qualifying for 2013 Tartan Guard  


Tartan Guard Units