All event Flyers, including links for online registration for all East Carolina Council Events will be on this page.


19  NB  Bull Riding Event  Flyer 
25-27  ECC  National Youth Leadership Training  Flyer 
31-August 3  ECC Cub Scout Resident Camp Flyer


 1-3   ECC  National Youth Leadership Training     Flyer   
 9 ECC  Program Kick-off  Flyer   Agenda
 10-16  ECC  River Adventure---50 Miler  Flyer  
 15-17 ECC  BSA Aquatics Supervision & BSA Lifeguard  Flyer  
 15-17 ECC Aquatics Merit Badge Weekend  Flyer Register 
 30 ECC  Roundtable Training  Flyer   


27  ECC  Plunder on the Pamlico Tournament     Flyer   
27  Pitt Cub Fun Day  Flyer  
27  ECC The Fundamental of Training  Flyer  


 4 ECC The Trainer's EDGE  Flyer
24-26  Wilson  Wilson Fall Camporee     Flyer

February 2015


 28 ECC University of Scouting  Flyer


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