All event Flyers, including links for online registration for all East Carolina Council Events will be on this page.


 15-17 ECC Aquatics Merit Badge Weekend  Flyer Register 
 30 ECC  Roundtable Training  Flyer   


 6 Word Den Chief Training  Flyer  
 6 ECC Commissioner Basic Training  Fyler  
12-14 ECC Ecology Merit Badge Weekend  Flyer Register
26-28 Caswell District Advance-o-ree  Flyer  
27  ECC  Plunder on the Pamlico Tournament     Flyer  Register 
27  Pitt Cub Fun Day  Flyer  
27  ECC The Fundamental of Training  Flyer  


 4 ECC The Trainer's EDGE  Flyer  
 4 CT Scoutmaster Specific Training  Flyer  
 10-12 ECC Shooting Sports / Climbing Weekend  Flyer Register 
 10-12 ECC Fall Cub Scout Camporee  Flyer  
24-26  Wilson  Wilson Fall Camporee     Flyer  
 24-26 CT Introduction To Outdoor Leader Skills  Flyer  
 31-1 ECC Camp Charles Fall Family Campout  Flyer  


7-9 ECC Eagle & Field Sports Weekend  Flyer Register 


 February 2015

 28 ECC University of Scouting  Flyer


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