These materials may be ordered from your local or state office of emergency management or from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Include the full title, publication or item number, quantity, and your name, address, and zip code.

FEMA Emergency Information
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Office of Emergency Information and Public Affairs
P.O. Box 2012
Jessup, MD 20794-2012

Fax: 202-646-4086

Don't Let Disaster Tear Your Family Apart, Poster 11. This full-color poster fosters awareness of the importance of preparing a family disaster plan and encourages readers to request further information.

Prepare a Family Disaster Plan, Poster 13. A full-color 24" x 36" poster that outlines a recommended four-step approach to creating a family disaster plan. Includes instructions on how to create a tabletop display.

An Organizer's Guide to Disaster Preparedness, Item No. K-18. This kit provides information and how-to guidelines for organizing a disaster preparedness program at the local level. (There is a limit; you may only order one copy.)

Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book, FEMA 243. This coloring book is designed for adults and children to work on together. Each coloring page is accompanied by key talking points and preparedness steps to guide a discussion with younger children.

Emergency Food and Water Supplies, FEMA L-210, ARC 5055. This publication explains how to store food and water supplies in the home. It includes recommendations on what to stock and how much, methods to purify water, ways to cook during a power outage, and suggestions for maintaining emergency supplies.

Family Disaster Plan, L-191, ARC 4466. This brochure provides guidelines to help develop a disaster plan. It suggest basic actions to take in preparation for any type of disaster, including ways to communicate if separated during a disaster, to get ready for an evacuation, and to practice safety in the home. The brochure is also available in Spanish.

Your Disaster Supplies Kit, L-189, ARC 4463. This is a checklist of emergency supplies that should be assembled and kept in disaster supplies kits, It is also available in Spanish.

Are You Ready? H-34. This illustrated handbook provides multi-hazard and disaster-specific guidelines.

These materials are available through your local American Red Cross (ARC) chapter:

Are You Ready for a(n) ... ? The American Red Cross has produced a series of hazard-specific brochures designed to help people learn important safety tips and design a plan of action for each hazard. The brochures include:

  • Earthquake, ARC 4455. Also available in Spanish.
  • Fire, ARC 4456
  • Flood or Flash Flood, ARC 4458. Also available in Spanish.
  • Hurricane, ARC 4454. Also available in Spanish.
  • Terrorism--Preparing for the Unexpected, ARC A1366
  • Tornado, ARC 4457. Also available in Spanish.
  • Winter Storm, ARC 4464. Also available in Spanish.

Boy Scouts of America materials are available at your local Scout shop, or may be ordered through your local council service center.

  • Camp Health and Safety, 19-308B
  • Emergency Preparedness merit badge pamphlet, 33368A
  • Guide to Safe Scouting, 34416D
  • Health and Safety Guide, 34415B
  • Ranger Handbook, 33494