Scouting Alumni Association

Welcome! It’s nice to have you affiliated with the Scouting Alumni Association. Whether you are returning to Scouting after a hiatus or are joining us for the first time and have wanted to get involved with developing youth through the programs of the Boy Scouts of America, thank you.

The BSA has several collector’s items available for purchase by alumni. Go to and search for "alumni" on the left side of the top menu.

Now that you have signed up with the Scouting Alumni Association, here is what you can expect. Within one month, you should receive a welcome packet of items. Your name and contact information will be sent to the council in the area where you live or to the alternate council you selected. Hopefully, someone will make contact promptly and talk with you about how you might get involved. There are many ways to help our youth members advance through the Scouting program. Your time, resources, and connections are important to us. If you don’t hear from someone at your local council soon, please call that office. The council office might be busy, but your call will be welcome. You can find contact information by using the local council locator and keying in your zip code.

National Scouting Museum

Enjoy family fun at the National Scouting Museum, the official museum of the Boy Scouts of America located in Irving, Texas. From the Norman Rockwell art gallery to full-size campsites, the museum’s 13 action areas are filled with interactive exhibits and Scouting artifacts! As reconnected alumni, you get to enjoy free admission to the National Scouting Museum for one year.

Click here to enjoy Bridges & Trails, the official newsletter of the National Scouting Museum Membership Society.

For more information about the National Scouting Museum, go to

If you are interested—and it will be fun—download your free cell phone ring tones now as our thanks for reconnecting with Scouting. There are 10 bugle calls to choose from, including "Reveille," "Taps," "To the Colors," and "Mess Call." They may be the most recognizable tunes in all of Scouting.

Volunteer for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree

We're looking for volunteers to staff the Scouting Alumni Association exhibit at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree. Don't miss this chance to participate! Click here for more information.