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The East Carolina Scout Reservation

The East Carolina Council provides a summer resident camp for Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, and Venturers. The facility is located on Blounts Bay on the south bank of the Pamlico River near Washington, NC, Its foremost objective is to develop young men physically, mentally, and morally to meet the challenges of today's changing world.

Scouts that come to camp attend for a variety of reasons; some come to earn as many badges and awards as possible, while others come to just enjoy the offerings of the camp and to have fun. As camp staff members, we must find a way to fulfill all of these needs.

Positive Attitude: A positive, willing and unselfish attitude towards one's responsibilities at camp is absolutely essential. The camp seeks to employ only those who share in its ideals and who consistently want to join with the staff in accomplishing its high objectives. Accordingly, it looks for persons with evidence of loyalty, integrity, cooperation, and teamwork.

Staff Training: Before the first Scouts arrive at camp, all staff members attend pre-camp training to learn their job responsibilities in detail. Also during this period, final preparations are completed for the opening of summer camp. This involves an abundance of physical labor and intense activities. All staff members are expected to attend the pre-camp training weekends and participate in all pre-camp efforts (see Camp Staff Candidate Information for details).

Camp Dates: The East Carolina Council will conduct five weeks of Boy Scout resident camp. All staff members are expected to participate in the five weeks plus the pre-camp preparation week. Following the resident camp we will conduct two specialty camp weeks. Staff members for these weeks are selected on an as-needed bases or specialty demand.

Registration in the BSA: All members of the Camp Bonner staff must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America. As members of the camp staff, all staff must adhere to the rules and policies of the BSA, East Carolina Council, and the Camp Boddie Staff. Likewise, all camp staff members will be required to wear the official uniform of the Boy Scouts of America.

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