Twilight (free time) Programs

Twilight Programs
Throughout the week, Troops, Patrols and Scouts may participate in evening twilight activities in the program areas or concentrate on troop activities in their campsite. Twilight activities offer a mixture of Games, Training, Advancement or Just for Fun things to do. The twilight program and Camp Boddie is by far one of the highlights of your visit.

Evening Camp-Wide Games
During the evenings after twilights there are the times for camp-wide game activity. Each night is a different game and all Scouts are encouraged to participate. The games should conclude by taps.

Inter-Troop Volleyball Challenge
The Scout Fitness Area hosts the inter-troop volleyball competition. Troops are welcome to enter a team of six or more Scouts. The tournament is single-elimination. 

Tubing $$
Just what it sounds like. Being pulled behind a motorboat while you sit in a rubberized donut. This activity fills up fast and is blast for all involved.

Scoutmaster & Senior Patrol Leaders Turkey Shoot
All leaders and SPL’s are invited to participate in the Camp Boddie Turkey Shoot. You have 10 shots on the Rifle Range, 5 shots on the Shotgun Range, and 5 shots with a Bow & Arrow. Good Luck to all!

NRA Postal Match
The National Rifle Association Postal Match is available for all qualifying Scouts . There is a Juniors (under 13) and Seniors (over 13) division.

Five-On-Five Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
Each troop can enter a team of five Scouts (players/substitutions are OK.) SPL’s are given rules and requirements at the leaders meeting Sunday night.

Critter Crawl
If a troop, patrol, or individual wants to participate in this competition, they must first obtain any animal from around the camp. This can include lizards, insects, turtles, toads, frogs, and other non-venomous animals. We will set up a 10 foot diameter circle. The animals will be placed in the middle of the ring, and the first animal to leave the circle wins.

Climbing After Dark
Climbing Tower will be open for Scouts who would like to take on the challenging of climbing at night. Space is limited so sign up early.

Dirt Bike Trail Ride
Trail ride opportunities are offered during Twilight periods. The camp has a 2-mile marked off-road dirt bike trail in the wilderness area available for rides. All equipment is provided.

Scuba, BSA $$
Scuba, BSA will be offered at the camp pool one night a week. Class size is limited to 10. Participants must be classified as a swimmer. All equipment and material is furnished by Rum Runners Dive Shop of Greenville. Cost is $20.00.

Nature & Tree Trail
Need to work on some extra requirements with some of your Scouts? Take advantage of our interactive Nature and Tree Trail. The tree trail allows Scouts to walk through camp testing their knowledge of tree identification. The Nature Trail will expose visitors to diverse ecosystems including swamp, forest and river based ecosystems. Trail guides for both are available at the Ecology Center.

Snake Talk and feeding: What’s camp without snakes? This talk will go in-depth about the snakes and other animals that we have in the nature lodge and also around camp.

The Shooting Sports Twilight Activities $$
The Shooting sports ranges at camp will be open on twilights for Scouts to come down and just “shoot for fun”. Some of the ranges will have a small cost just to help cover the cost of ammunition. Twilight shoots are just for fun and are not merit badge programs. Age restrictions do not apply for twilight Shooting Activities making them available for all Scouts!

Twilight Merit Badges Available
The following merit badges may be completed during evening twilight periods. The counselors will monitor the Scouts progress and offer help during the week and complete any required paperwork. Scoutmasters do not need to schedule Scouts for these merit badges.

$$ Symbol
Some twilight activities will have a small fee associated with them to help cover the added expense of the activity. In most cases fees are $5 or less and may include a handicraft kit from the trading post or a coupon to participate in the activity. Look for the twilight chart that will be in the Appendix in January.