East Carolina Council introduces

 the 2014 Camp Card 

a 50% commission fundraiser 

A Scout is Thrifty….
He earns his own way to Summer Camp!
Very few people will pass up a Scout with a valuable Camp Card with a low price-point of just $5


East Carolina Council is pleased to announce the “Camp Card”. This initiative is designed to help a unit of Scouts earn their way to summer resident camp, Boy Scout high adventure camp or Cub Scout day camp. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($2.50) on each $5 Camp Card they sell. The sale will begin March 29th and end May 9th giving units six weeks to sell before it is time to close out their accounts.


Program is RISK FREE, units may return any unsold cards by May 19th.

The East Carolina Council is requesting that all units participate. Make sure all your Scouts have the opportunity to earn their own way.

Keep the outing in Scouting! Go Camping.

Goal of the Initiative

Simply Put: We want our Scouts to go to camp. In these challenging economic times, we don’t want family finances to keep a Scout from attending the camp of his choice. Scouts will also learn an important value, earning your own way. While we want Scouts to attend our local camps, the unit funds generated by the Camp Card sale can be used at any E.C.C camp at any location or fund a specific unit project or need.

Scouts meeting sales goals are eligible to register on-line to win prizes and Camp Scholarships. Camp Scholarships, however are limited to East Carolina Camps.

Remember, we’re selling CAMP not just Discount Cards!
Ensure your Scout families understand that they are selling character, they are selling a better community, and they are selling the benefits of Scouting. Emphasize that each card sold helps a Scout go to camp. The reason our sale will be successful is that people want to support Scouting.


2014 Camp Card Guidebook

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